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Traction Tread

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Traction Tread Flooring

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Traction Tread Flooring is readily available in stock sheets designed for secondary fabrication requirements.

Material Options:

Hot rolled, pickled and oiled carbon steel:

11 Gauge (5.0 lb. / sq.ft.)
13 Gauge (3.8 lb. / sq.ft.)
16 Gauge (2.5 lb. / sq.ft.)

5052H32 Aluminum:

.125” Thick (1.6 lb. / sq.ft.)

Sheet Size:

36” x 120” Standard
Cut to Order

Traction Tread is available as shown above as a standard product, however, variations to the surface design can be produced according to your requirement.

Your inquiries are invited, please call 800-492-7304, or fax 440-439-0577. 

Metals, Inc. will be happy to be of service to you now and in the future.