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Lumber &
Clear Treated
Wood Blocks

Lumber & Clear Treated Wood Blocks

Standard construction lumber:
We offer a variety of lumber and plywood for construction and repair projects. Types of lumber include: treated lumber, dimensional lumber, plywood & OSB panels, and decking & board material.

Clear treated wood blocks:
We offer wood blocks used for expansion projects or to replace weathered split blocks in your facility. We also offer composite floor blocks as an alternative — these blocks do not wick in moisture that can cause mounding and swelling. Learn more about our composite floor blocks.

Pricing fluctuates frequently with our wood products, so please call us for current pricing, or email your RFQ here.

Your inquiries are invited, please call 800-492-7304, or fax 440-439-0577. 

Metals, Inc. will be happy to be of service to you now and in the future.