Expanded Metal

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Flattened Expanded Metal

SWD – Nominal dimension – Short Way of Design
LWD – Nominal dimension – Long Way of Design
SWO – Short Way of Opening
LWO – Long Way of Opening
Strands – The sides of the expanded metal design
Strand Thickness – Gauge thickness of metal expanded
Strand Width – Amount of metal fed under dies to produce one strand
Strand Thickness & Width – Can be varied to create different openings. The width of the strand should equal or exceed the gauge of the strand thickness
Standard Expanded Metal – Expanded metal as it comes off the machine
Flattened Expanded Metal – Flattening Expanded Metal turns the strands and bonds down to provide a flat surface reducing the thickness (gauge) and stretching the pattern. These qualities are important where thickness, and secondary treatments such as welding and bending are involved.

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Shearing & Tolerances

Random Shearing
Designs – Open SWD and LWD
Edges – Can result in open and sharp edges
Tolerances – SWD and LWD / Expanded Metal + or – 1/16” and Grating + or – 1/4″

Bond Shearing
Designs – Closed SWD and LWD
Edges – No open or sharp edges
Tolerances – SWD and LWD / Expanded Metal +1/2 Diamond, -0 and Grating +1/2 Diamond, -0”

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