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Molded Grating

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Compression Molded Grating

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Rectangular compression-molded FRP gratings offer the best available combination of strength, long life, and ease of installation. The patented matched-die molding process uses heat and pressure to form high-density grating panels that have higher flexural impact strength and better chemical and UV resistance than all other molded FRP gratings.

The strength of compression-molded grating results from the unique way that reinforcing glass is used in making the grating. Metals, Inc. compression molded grating is molded with continuous strands of woven glass cording, for consistent strength throughout the grating. Because it is compression molded, more reinforcing glass can be used than is possible with conventional open-molded gratings. Metals, Inc. gratings contain up to twice as much fiberglass as ordinary FRP gratings. As a result, compression-molded gratings are up to twice as strong, as can be verified by comparing load/deflection data.

Given proper resin selection, all fiberglass gratings provide acceptable corrosion protection compared to steel. But compression-molding gives an extra measure of corrosion resistance that other FRP gratings don’t have. The hydraulic pressure of compression-molding forces glass deep into the resin, creating and extra-dense grating that is less porous than conventional gratings and therefore, less vulnerable to wicking.

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