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CNC Plasma Cutting
& Machining

CNC Plasma Cutting & Machining

Plasma cutting is a process that is used to cut steel and other metals of different thicknesses (or sometimes other materials) using a plasma torch. In this process, an inert gas (in some units, compressed air) is blown at a high speed out of a nozzle; at the same time an electrical arc is formed through that gas from the nozzle to the surface being cut, turning some of that gas to plasma.

Plasma is an effective means of cutting thin and thick materials alike. With the added feature of pre-existing shape libraries, and digital storage, we can receive and store AutoCAD files for repeat orders. This ensures a continuous and quick production process that minimizes the cost of multiple set-ups.

Our dedicated cutting department is manned by a team that has mastered the cutting business through years of experience.

Plasma Cutting Capabilities:

  • Material
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel Alloys
  • Wide range of metal thicknesses
  • Plasma Cutting Equipment: Hypertherm Plasma Cutter with
    Multicam CNC table

CNC Machining

  • CNC Machining is the process by which material is removed from a workpiece with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment that cuts away unwanted material.
  • Machining is possible on virtually any material. Parts are machined directly from your 3D CAD models.

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