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Composite Floor Blocks

Composite Floor Blocks

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Design Information:

  • Standard size 2”, 2-1/2”, or 3” Thick x 4” Wide x 6” Long. Please note that Metals, Inc. can produce the block in different lengths upon request, this creates a cost savings on installation.
  • Pallet Sizes: 2” = 1,296 blocks per pallet
    2-1/2” = 1080 blocks per pallet
    3” = 845 blocks per pallet
  • The block is manufactured to size with tolerances of +/- 1/16”, which makes them easier to install because of uniformality.
  • Provides a denser block, making the block harder, which will result in less grooving and providing longer duration for the product.


  • Is less costly than concrete to install and maintain. Concrete is never consistent through the pour, it causes cracking and chipping. When these cracks and chips occur, it is more costly to replace the area concrete than to replace a few blocks.
  • Metals, Inc. Composite Floor Block is produced from recycled materials making it environmentally correct from cradle to grave.
  • Each truckload of Metals, Inc. Composite Flooring material prevents 20,000# of plastic from entering landfills as well as saves over 10 mature pine trees.
  • Metals, Inc. Composite Floor Blocks replace cresol wood floor blocks and other blocks that are environmentally unfriendly.
  • Metals, Inc. Composite Floor Blocks do not absorb water which means minimal or no block expansion or swelling. Other blocks can expand when wet causing mounding which results in unnecessary shutdowns and maintenance.
  • Metals, Inc. Composite Floor Blocks are ergonomically better than concrete, softer and quieter when AGV’s or other vehicles ride over them.
  • No oil or grease buildup on Metals, Inc. Composite Floor Blocks resulting in lower maintenance costs as compared to concrete
  • Metals, Inc. packages the blocks in a memory strapping system, eliminating numerous trips carrying single blocks, thus saving time and labor costs.
  • Metals, Inc. is able to provide your facility with immediate delivery thus avoiding any unnecessary shutdowns or inconveniences.

Your inquiries are invited, please call 800-492-7304, or fax 440-439-0577. 

Metals, Inc. will be happy to be of service to you now and in the future.