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Rooftop Walkway Planks & Ramps

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Metals, Inc. was the first company to design Rooftop Walkway and Ramp Systems using a non-slip plank type grating.

Metals, Inc. Rooftop Walkway has replaced inferior products such as wood panels, which easily shatter. They also splinter upon slight impact, rot, are easily covered by snow and ice and are very slippery.

The Metals, Inc. Rooftop Walkway is the answer to all of the above problems and more.

This design was utilized after numerous tests which rated:

  • Load factors and deflection
  • Height from the rooftop surface to the top of Metals, Inc. rooftop panel
  • Snow drift build up
  • Four way slip resistance under wet and icy conditions
  • Overall weight of each complete 10′ panel
  • Displacement of load by using the Metals, Inc. U-Bend carriage supports, ending roof membrane damage
  • Ease of placement (one piece design)
  • Defines walkway area which discourages walking directly on the roof surface
  • Most of all safety

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